Winds of Change Logo Design Contest

Orenda Healing International is pleased to announce the launch of our new publishing company, Winds of Change Press, in 2019. 

Ever since we began publishing Four Winds Journal in the Fall of 2016, we’ve dreamed of having our own publishing company.  As a result, we decided to create an affordable, author-friendly publishing platform, with special attention to the needs of first-time and upcoming authors whose work reflects our mission. 

We invite you, our readers and followers, to join us in making this dream come true.  One fun way to become a Winds of Change Dream-maker is to participate in our Winds of Change Logo Design Contest.  The winner receives a year’s subscription to Four Winds Journal, a free pass to one of our several Webinars and/or MiniWebinars, and honorable mention on our website.

The logo should reflect the power of wind to effect change, to clear out old, outdated ways of being, to introduce hope and belief in a positive future, and whatever else you think may fit this description. Logo submissions should be your own original work of art—please do not submit someone else’s work.  Please send a high-resolution jpeg of your work, including your name, contact information and mailing address, and a brief bio with recent head shot (high resolution jpeg) via email attachment to:

Art Editor

Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Winds of Change Press 
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