Call for Submissions – FWJ Fall/Winter 2019: What Will We Eat?

This issue of Four Winds Journal will focus on sustainable food production, distribution, and preparation.  The pressures of climate change, economic scarcity, and political chaos urge us to address the question:  how will we feed our families and communities if what we’re used to becomes unavailable? 

We’ll explore both new and old methods of growing, preserving, and preparing healthy and delicious foods without further damaging our Mother Earth.  We’ll discover a great deal that we may not know, such as ancient and modern indigenous food production methods, the many new gardening and food preparation practices that have emerged over the past 20 or 30 years, and even how to coax corn to grow without using pesticides.  Some will learn (and some will relearn) invaluable skills our grandmothers tried to teach us:  composting, companion planting, preserving fruits and vegetables, creating our own herbal medicines, etc. 

Food is meant to be shared, so in addition to enjoying nutritious meals with friends and neighbors, we’ll discover and reach out to learn from similar projects in more distant communities. As we “think globally and eat locally,” we’ll create a strong, interconnected web of like-minded food stewards.

Who needs lawns when we can have beautiful, jewel-like home-grown fruits and vegetables fresh for the picking?  Those of us who don’t have land to use still have many choices, including container planting, helping with a neighbor’s garden in exchange for fresh produce, joining a community garden, volunteering at the local farmers’ market, and more.

The deadline for the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Four Winds Journal is September 15, 2019.

If you would like to submit a relevant article, poem, short story, or photos of art work for this issue of Four Winds Journal, please follow the embedded link to read the instructions on our Submissions Guidelines page first. 

Due to limited space in the printed version of the Journal, we can accept articles and short stories 3 pages long (single spaced) but no longer, and we ask that poets send no more than 3 poems at a time.  Photos should be high resolution jpegs.  Please include a brief (2 paragraphs) biography and a recent head shot of yourself with your submission. 

Send your submission via email attachment to:

Editors, Four Winds Journal